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Terminology and features

  • BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Asset: The asset is the customer equipment, with a commissioned sensor, that is defined in the customers ABB Ability cloud.
  • Asset Group: Asset Groups is a collection of assets that when placed in a group automatically grant access to all associated user groups. An Asset Group always belongs to an organization. Master Asset Group (*Organization name* Master) is an automatically generated Asset Group when a new organization is created.
  • User Group: User Group is a set of users within the same organization that can be given access to certain Asset Groups. Admins User Group (*Organization name* Admins) is an automatically generated User Group when a new organization is created.
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator.
  • Overall vibration: The sum of all vibration measured within a specified range.
  • Kurtosis: A statistical parameter characterizing a random signal compared to a normal distribution.
  • Skewness: A statistical measure of the asymmetry of the signal.
  • Crest factor: A ratio of the RMS value and the Peak value of the waveform.
  • Form factor: a ratio of the average value and RMS value of the waveform.
  • Bearing skin temperature: Bearings surface temperature.
  • Index: Index number of the measurement collected by sensor.
  • API key: "Application Programming Interface: - in computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is like a door with a security guard. To pass through, you have the key. In more technical terms, an API is a set of requirements and regulations. Abide by these and you can gain partial access to a system or program.

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