User management

User management

What is the password or logging in to the app?

Your phone app and portal password is your "myABB" user name (usually your email address) and password. Your password is created when you first register with ABB Ability.

What are the differences between the app and the portal?

The Smart Sensor App is required to activate, commission and delete assets. It also provides asset usage functions for users who choose not to join an organization. The most recent asset measurements are also in the app.

The Smart Sensor Portal provides access to organizations and further analyzed asset data. Through the portal, organization's admin users can also manage Asset and User Groups.

The portal and app share some functionalities for usability convenience.

Do I have to join to an organization?

No, you don't. Smart Sensor can be activated and used without an organization. However, by joining an organization, it is possible to share the Smart Sensor's data with other users inside the same organization.

Can I change my organization?

Yes, you can. User's organization can be changed from the Smart Sensor App and Portal. If the user belongs to multiple organizations, the active organization's data is shown in the portal and the app.

How to move an asset from one organization to another?

To move an asset from one organization to another, the asset must be deleted from the original organization and then commissioned as a new asset to the new organization. If asset is deleted, existing data is no longer visible in the Portal.

What is an asset?

The asset is the customer equipment, with a commissioned sensor, that is defined in the customers ABB Ability cloud.

What are Asset and User Groups?

Asset Group is a collection of assets that when placed in a group, automatically grant access to all associated user groups. An Asset Group always belongs to an organization. Master Asset Group (*Organization name* Master) is an automatically generated Asset Group when a new organization is created. A User Group is a set of users within the same organization that can be given access to certain Asset Group(s)

How can I change the asset's Asset Group?

Asset Group can be changed from the Smart Sensor App by selecting "Transfer Asset" from the asset's drop-down menu or from the Portal's Organization Management > Asset Groups.

How can I find "My Assets" from the Smart Sensor Portal?

By making the following selection in the Smart Sensor Portal:

"Asset Details" (top-page menu) > "Asset Detail" > Select "Organization", "Asset Group" and "Asset"

Where can I track my asset's trend data?

By making the following selection in the Smart Sensor Portal:

"Asset Details" (top-page menu) > "Asset Detail" > Select "Organization", "Asset Group" and "Asset" > Select desired dates and parameters to illustrate the graph.

How do I see all the menu items across the black bar at the top of my web page?

If your browser does not show all menu items across the top, they are available in the three bar menu ☰ in the top right of the web page.

How long does the portal keep data?

The portal keeps the data as long as the sensor is commissioned.